What is Orthotics?

Custom Made Foot Orthotic Inserts & Assessment at Frankston Chiropractic Centre

Need to check if you need foot orthotics using revolutionary computer technology that is accurate, reliable and affordable? 

We use the Foot Levellers System.

How do you know if you need foot orthotic inserts?

  • Custom made foot Orthotic Inserts & AssessmentAre your feet sore, especially first thing in the morning?
  • Do you have shin pain, unexplained back or knee pain?
  • Do you shift from one foot to the other when standing in a queue?
  • Do your feet look wide and flat?
  • Do you feel tired all the time?

If this sounds familiar, chances are your feet might be in trouble.

Using state of the art revolutionary computer scanning technology we can:

  • Assess the arches in your feet when you weight bear.
  • Utilise 4096 industrial sensors that will provide a precise 2D & 3D computer generated picture of your feet in action as you stand on the sensor pad.
  • Provide a sophisticated explanation and printed report of your foot mechanics that assists with orthotic, shoe and/or runner solutions.

The average pair of feet walk equivalent of 4 times around the world in their life time, so it’s no surprise that the arches in our feet will sometimes fail us.

Feet problems can cause knee problems that can cause low back problems that can cause neck problems. Consider how faulty foundations of a house will cause the cornices to crack.




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