What is Chiropractic?

It’s simple, safe and scientific.
Chiropractic works with your body and its amazing ability to keep you healthy. 
Did you know that your nervous system is the master control system of the body and it is made up of your brain, sensory organs, spinal cord and the nerves that branch throughout your entire body.

Your nervous system controls everything from the way you move to the thoughts you have and the feelings you experience. It also directs bodily functions you may be less aware of, like your heart rate, breathing, hormones, digestion and the general ‘running’ of all your body’s cells and organs.

Chiropractic care helps many people to naturally relieve aches, pains and the symptoms of a huge range of conditions and to move more vibrantly and healthy.

Why Choose Chiropratic?

  • Frankston Family Chiropractor
    Helps restore poor posture

  • You are tired or lack energy due to poor posture

  • You are ill or in pain due to poor posture

  • You have lost height due to poor posture

  • You are pregnant and suffering with poor posture

  • You had a fall (NO matter how LONG ago) causing you to have poor posture

  • You are under a lot of physical or emotional stress and suffering with poor posture

  • Your head, hips or shoulders are not balanced

  • You work in the same positions for long periods


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